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A minor test of things to come around here.
Kirneh Ness plays the music of Henrik Jensen. Catch them on MySpace, or get a glimpse of some sounds here:

Alien Time and Place ( 2009, H. Jensen)
This is my very, very humble homage to Frank Zappa, and is my endeavor into xenochrony. I recently dug up an old live tape from 1986 where I solo over a jazz-rock 7/4 beat. I was able to isolate the guitar track, "modernize it" and combine it with a completely new 2009 4/4 up-tempo backing. So, whatever rhythmical interplay one may hear never happened. There are 23 years and two cities between the guitar and the rest. The alien times and places do, however, share the same "secret Frank Zappa chord progression".

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Perfectly Square ( 1986, H. Jensen)
A piece composed and arranged for a jazz big band in my home town in the mid-1980s. This is a 2008 recording by Kirneh Ness Big Band, where some additions have been made to the original arrangement (which only exists on a lo-fi rehearsal cassette tape).

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Yuletide ( 2009, H. Jensen)
A Christmas piece, where the only connotation to the Holidays is the fact that it was developed during the ones of 2008. I have always liked the term "yuletide" as it in Danish is exactly how one says "Christmas time". Except for the "y" being replaced by a "j". It is an o.k. track for jogging.

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Please do not distribute this music without permission; just listen to it. I own the music, and if you steal it I will haunt the fuck out of you when I am dead.

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All music Henrik Jensen. All rights reserved.


Revised, December 2009.